Robbie Williams called Robin a what?

Is Robin from 97.3’s Robin, Terry & Bob, a Cougar or a MILF? That’s what megastar Robbie Williams wanted to know when he chatted to the team on 97.3FM.
Though a happily married father of two, it would seem some old habits do die hard with superstar Robbie Williams showing he is still as charming as ever with the ladies during an interview with the team.
Robin had to go home sick before the interview with Robbie. She was understandably disappointed at missing her opportunity to have a chat with the singer but Robbie seemed equally disappointed when he found out Robin wasn’t joining Terry and Bob for the interview.
Robbie had a picture of Robin in front of him ready for the interview.
“She is a babe, she has a lovely smile, she’s got lovely flowing locks…she’s gorgeous, ” he said of Robin’s picture
The cheeky star then asked Terry and Bob if Robin was a Cougar or a MILF? Before deciding that perhaps she is both and calling Robin a CILF.


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