Roo & Ditts to serve up breakfast for Triple M Adelaide until 2021

Mark Ricciuto and Chris Dittmar, Roo & Ditts, have locked in another three years of serving up breakfast for Triple M Adelaide.
The pair started out on the drive home with Triple M Adelaide’s Rush Hour in 2011 and then made their way to breakfast in June 2014.

Now they will continue to make the early rise until the end of 2021!
 Roo, who says he loves the early mornings added “When I signed this contract, I had a choice between working three more years with Ditts or getting six kids ready for the day ahead. My wife Sarah wasn’t too happy when I chose Ditts.”

Ditts added, “I feel very lucky, I love what I do and I work with one of the best blokes and a fantastic team. Though, it hasn’t been lost on me that Roo has hung onto me and my squash career to further himself.”
Southern Cross Adelaide’s General Manager James Pedersen said, “Roo & Ditts have seen consistent audience growth since moving into the Breakfast shift in 2014. They are both ultimate team players and this is reflected in their popularity with listeners as well as within the Triple M team.”
“We are delighted to have them on board for another 3 years and we are confident of their continued success.”

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