Ryan Jon helps his best a mate fight his mum’s killer

HIT 82.9 Breakfast co-host Ryan Jon knows what it’s like to lose your mum.

Adopted out soon after his birth, through DNA testing, he was able to track down his birth father just last year. But he’s still looking for his birth mother.

So, when his best mate David Parsons lost his mum to a deadly Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Ryan piled on the support.

Now Dave is running 300km in 5 days to raise $10,000 for Research and Support to fight MND, the horrible disease that claimed his mother’s life.

To raise awareness Dave sat down with Ryan, his best mate of 20 years, to talk about MND and his beautiful mother Margie.

The video has already touched many people and has raised over the hoped $10,000 since being posted on Saturday.

You can watch the video below or on facebook.

You can donate at www.mycause.com


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