Samsung Galaxy smart phones include RadioDNS Hybrid Radio

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio has now been integrated into three Samsung Galaxy smartphones; the Galaxy Express 2 LTE, the Galaxy Core Advance, and the Galaxy Grand 2. 

These are the first smartphones in the world to include RadioDNS Hybrid Radio functionality as standard. These smartphones are available now on Vodafone and their affiliated networks in Europe, and will also be available in Asia.

Samsung have upgraded the experience of the integrated FM radio to add visuals, interaction and automatic switching from FM radio to internet streaming depending on the quality of the FM signal. This is a significant development for radio, opening up new opportunities for listening and interaction on the smartphone.

Any radio station using the open RadioDNS standards of RadioVIS and RadioEPG will be able to provide an improved listening experience on these Galaxy smartphones, and many other devices supporting the global RadioDNS standards.

Chair of RadioDNS Nick Piggott, said: “This is a landmark for RadioDNS Hybrid Radio, and an exceptional opportunity for radio broadcasters to connect with listeners on their smartphones using broadcast radio. I hope that many radio stations will seize this chance to show that they can make broadcast radio as interesting to use as streaming apps on the smartphone”.

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