SBS Chill for Senate dinner parties and division music

SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid was in Canberra this week for the regular Senate Estimates grilling about expendtiture at the national ethnic broadcaster.

It seems one of the Senators asking questions was a fan of the SBS Digital Radio station Chill:

Senator BACK: On a different issue altogether: a digital radio station called Chill. Can you explain to the committee why SBS would be investing in this space.


Mr Ebeid:When you say ‘investing’, it is effectively a digital jukebox.

Senator BACK: A digital jukebox?

Mr Ebeid: I am pleased that senators are aware of SBS Chill and listen to it.
Senator FIFIELD: Does it do 80s music?
Mr Ebeid: No.
Senator FIFIELD: I do not think there is a future for this particular venture in that case.

Mr Ebeid: SBS Chill has quite a good audience but the cost to SBS is absolutely minimal. It is not a big cost at all. We are talking very small dollars for a digital radio station that, as I said, is just a digital jukebox in many ways. It is a digital online channel only.

Senator BACK: Are there limited human resources involved?

Mr Ebeid: Actually very limited—less than 0.2 of a person or something.

Senator FIFIELD: Is it mood music?

Mr Ebeid: Yes, it is just chilled lounge music. You might put it on while you are having a dinner party at home, for example.
Senator BACK: He has not got time for dinner parties.

 Senator FIFIELD: I do not do dinner parties anymore. It is music for after dark?

Mr Ebeid: Yes or while the division bells are ringing to put you in a good mood in the chamber….

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