SCA assisting police with enquiries into rape allegations

Creative video specialist Blake Phillips has published allegations through social media. 

Phillips, a producer and creative video specialist, published an article on his website and through LinkedIn that alleges he was raped by a manager at 2Day FM in 2013.

He titled his article: It’s taken 4  years, 5 months and 19 days to say I was raped by my manager and this is why…

In his article, where the manager in question was not named, Blake says, “Assured that I am in safe hands with the company to handle it all and backed by fear of what the media would say, what the public would think and how my identity that I worked so passionately to earn would be taken further from my control into the summaries of sensationalised reporting. I chose to dimly deal with it off the public record.”

radioinfo understands the case is now in the hands of police.

In a statement issued just moments ago, SCA management says:

“In 2013, on becoming aware of the incident, SCA acted promptly by investigating and terminating the employment of the manager.  

“SCA supported Blake including assisting him with his conversations with the police and providing him with extensive counselling.  This support was ongoing for the duration of his remaining two and a half year employment, including his request to be relocated to another office within the company.    

 “SCA takes incidents of this nature very seriously and any inappropriate behaviour by members of our staff to be completely unacceptable. 

“We have and are continuing to assist the police with any further inquiries they may have.”  

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