Sea FM’s perfect job match

Tasmania’s Sea FM in partnership with MAX Employment services, launched a promotion in September to deliver ‘real’ employment outcomes for job seekers and prospective employers across the entire North West Coast.

The aim was to team up with Max Employment to get the North West Coast working again. With September nw gone, the results are in and the station has announced today that 109 Job Matches were made as part of the promotion.

Across the month Sea Fm showcased those people on the North West Coast seeking employment and matched them with jobs that suited their skills.

Every day and week of the promotion, live on-air content was backed up online through the networks of Sea FM and MAX Employment. Every Thursday ‘job speed-dating’ functions were conducted with a number of employers in attendance able to ‘interview’ job seekers in a fast-paced setting. These were held in Devonport, Ulverstone, and Burnie.

Together with MAX Employment the station has hoped to make a real difference in the lives of Job Seekers on the North West Coast.