SEN’s Sydney breakfast gets a measure of Brandy

Sydney’s 1170 SEN has landed a prized off season signing with NRL great Greg “Brandy” Alexander joining the breakfast show full time.

Alexander will join close mate Andrew Voss for Breakfast with Vossy and Brandy.

The move to add a nip of Brandy to breakfast comes after Alexander’s appetite was whet during 1170 SEN’s first year on the airwaves, and the former Penrith premiership captain and state of origin selector says he couldn’t wait to talk sport and league each morning with Voss.

He says, “The SEN coverage of all sports is first class – and the strong lineup right through the day fosters knowledge, debate and humour.

 “To be joining the SEN breakfast show is very exciting. Andrew (Vossy) is an outstanding broadcaster.

 “We’ve covered the NRL for many years on Fox League together and now we’ll be talking not only rugby league but anything that’s happening in sport around the world. That’ll be taking place between 6-9am on 1170. I look forward to your company.”

Voss said it was an honour to welcome his great mate to the airwaves each morning, “Greg Alexander was an outstanding rugby league player who achieved a lot. Now he is an outstanding broadcaster and analyst, not just confined to his first love rugby league.

 “I can’t wait for the debates, the discussions, the engaging with listeners and the fun on air as ‘Brandy’ joins 1170 SEN breakfast in 2022.”

The pair headline a star-studded breakfast show which includes leading Seven NRL reporter Michelle Bishop who is heard each day, plus some of the sport’s biggest names including Mathew Johns and Cameron Smith who join on Monday mornings.

Sports Entertainment Network chief executive Craig Hutchison says the pairing of Voss and Alexander bought together two of rugby league’s biggest and most respected identities.

He says, “There’s few more respect in league than Greg Alexander and the regard Vossy has for him is of the highest order, professionally and personally.

 “Brandy is interesting and interested – two great traits for breakfast radio. And he won’t hold back from an opinion. We can’t wait for them to join forces.”

Breakfast with Vossy and Brandy starts Monday February 13 prior to SEN’s coverage of the Superbowl.

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