September 11th coverage heats up

As a mark of respect to those who died in America on September 11th last year, Melbourne’s 1377 3MP will broadcast free from advertisements for 24 hours on September 11 next week, as the station’s way of paying tribute to those affected by the attacks.

Program Director Denis O’Kane says: “On the first anniversary of such a tragic event in our history, it is important that we express our sympathy and compassion for everyone affected in a meaningful way.”

Stations covering the September 11 events will be interested in US President Bush’s schedule:

He will take part in a daylong tribute that will take him to the three sites of last year’s terrorist attacks, which will be the focus of much American and international media coverage.

During the day he “will honour the approximately 3,000 lives lost in a respectful and solemn way,” according to a White House spokesman.

Bush and his first lady will begin the activities at a private church service in Washington on Wednesday morning, before attending a moment of silence at the White House at 8:46 a.m. (US time), the time the first hijacked plane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Centre.

The Bushes will then travel to the Pentagon for an observance, then to Pennsylvania, for a wreath-laying ceremony. They will take part in various other activities during the day, then Bush will address the nation from New York City at 9pm (US time).

American’s refer to the day as “9/11,” but that date means the 9th of November to Australians. While many TV tributes will use the Americanised date, most radio reporters are wisely sticking to the Australian version of “September 11th” when referring to the first anniversary of the attacks in their reports.

If you need a freelance reporter for next week contact Brett de Hoedt – 0414 713 802 or email [email protected]

2GB reporter Corryn McKay is one of the many Australian reporters in America to cover the events and filed this report from the US for Macquarie network (reproduced with permission here on radioinfo as an example of radio reporting from the US ). She used a laptop computer with an audio editing program and filed the report via modem in mp3 format.

“Preparations are underway for the first anniversary of the worst terror attacks in history. As Corryn McKAY reports, a year on, New Yorkers, are beginning to put their lives back together.” (MP3 download 700 kB)