Shaun freezes in support of MND

Nova 93.7’s Shaun McManus has braved an ice bath to raise $2,500 for FightMND.
During an interview with ex Melbourne coach Neale Daniher, Nathan, Nat & Shaun discussed Big Freeze 3, Motor Neurone Diseases main fundraiser.
Off the cuff and live on-air, he threw Shaun under the bus and into a tub, putting him up to the challenge of sitting in an ice baths negative temperatures.
Enter a bath tub, 100kg of ice, $500 donated by Channel 7 for every 60 seconds submerged, and of course, the man of the 5 minutes, Shaun dressed in nothing but a beanie and a pair of footy shorts
Having tackled plenty of harsh weather conditions across his football career Shaun concluded, “This is officially the coldest I’ve ever been. I played a game in Geelong, it was the coldest day in Melbourne in 25 years but this has got nothing! I can’t talk, I have to concentrate.”
Well, Shaun’s concentration was second to none and paid off… $2,500 is going straight to FightMND.
After a warm shower and wrapping himself in his Nana rug, it’s safe to say Shaun is still recovering from the chilly stunt…

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