Will & Woody open up about male depression and its role in their friendship

‘Being down,’ ‘feeling sh!t’ or ‘having a rough time’.

Whatever you and your mates call it, depression is a real condition silently affecting millions of people around the world, including Will from hit92.9‘s Heidi, Will & Woody.
Unfortunately, depression can be hard to open up about, especially for men, but for best mates, Will & Woody, it was one of the most important conversations they’ve ever had.
“It was a shock,” admitted Woody.
“I didn’t get it.”
Having been diagnosed three years ago with depression, Will has gone through the ups and downs this condition demands, but thanks to a very significant text message to Woody, he reached out and was no longer trapped to suffer in silence.
“The pain of letting them know what you’re going through, and all of the emotion that comes with it is miniscule compared to the pain of not knowing, and potentially not communicating, and something bad happening.” said Will.
To show how beneficial talking about your feelings can be, Will interviewed Woody about his depression, asking him to talk about how it felt to learn of his best mates struggle.  
It is a video that shows true emotion, love, struggle and acceptance. It’s a chat between two blokes about real emotions. It’s a conversation that needs to happen.
Watch Will & Woody talk openly about male depression and the role it plays in their friendship.


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