Silence is golden for Jonesy and Amanda

Who knew so many people would want to watch radio hosts remain silent – for four hours no less?
WSFM received a 30% bump in website views yesterday when Jonesy and Amanda entered the Cone of Silence to see who could stay silent the longest.  
The hosts were locked up in a room for four hours yesterday and had to remain silent no matter what happened or who visited. As it turned out a lot happened including:

  • A cameo by KIIS 1065 Drive host Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross involving beer and ending in a passionate kiss with Jonesy
  • Amanda losing the plot and throwing water all over Jonesy. And vice versa.
  • KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O coming in for chat (and promptly deciding there was no way they could do it). With Celine Dion blaring at them, Jonesy & Amanda recreated the famous Leo and Kate scene from Titanic.

Check out highlights from the stunt below:

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