Smallzy’s exclusive at the MTV EMA’s

Justin Bieber refused all press interviews on the red carpet of the MTV EMA’s in Milan last night, except one, Australia’s own Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small, host of NOVA’s ‘Smallzy’s Surgery’.

Smallzy was allowed the only interview with Bieber backstage at the awards show. Straight after stepping offstage from his performance of ‘Sorry’ Bieber spoke to Smallzy and revealed the truth behind the lyrics is his first interview worldwide since the song’s release last week.

Smallzy congratulated Bieber on winning 5 MTV EMA awards and asked him:

“do you have to renovate after every award show, to make room for the more awards?”

Bieber said:

“Not really no, the cool thing is my grandparents like to hold onto my awards, so I just kinda send them over to them and they love it”

Smallzy then asked what’s behind the title of his new album ‘Purpose’, Bieber said:

“the ‘Purpose’ title kinda speaks for itself… for a while I feel like I lost my purpose, I feel like I’m gaining it back… it’s so important that everyone finds their purpose and so basically my message is just… not matter how far you feel like you’re away from who you were or who you think you are or whether you’re lost, there’s always room to grow, always room to find your purpose”

Smallzy asked him if there is anything he attributes to why he is so relaxed and in the moment these days and Bieber said:

“It’s just god… and understanding his peace and that we don’t need to be all over the place all the time. Before I didn’t really have any connection with god at all… I mean I believed but I didn’t really have a good foundation. So I mean that’s where it starts and having people around you that encourage you and support you is where it finishes.”

There has been a lot of speculation about what his latest song ‘Sorry’ was about, so Smallzy asked him about it and Bieber said:

“it’s kinda the stamp in the end of the apologies I’m giving to people, to the media… there needs to come a time where they’re just like ‘we get it.’ You know? And I think putting out a song saying I’m sorry kinda puts the finishing icing on the cake and I’m ready to just move on”

You can listen to the full exclusive interview here.

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