smooth remains the number one FM station in Sydney despite drop

They were so tantalising close from knocking the rusted on 2GB from its position as Sydney’s overall number one radio station with just 0.01% separating the two but in today’s GfK Survey 4 results, smooth relinquished all gains to own a 9.1 share to 2GB’s 11.3.
It’s about the relativity I guess,” says Nova Entertainment’s Paul Jackson.
“There are upward trends and downward trends…but at the end of the day smooth has the sort of numbers that were beyond celebrating a few books ago.”
Despite the dip, smooth remains the number one FM station in Sydney.
Meantime in Melbourne, smooth edged upwards (+0.1) returning a very solid 9.4.
The network’s Perth station was popping the champagne corks today with Nova 93.7 the number one radio station for the first time ever on 14.1%, knocking Mix 94.5 from top spot.
“It’s a brilliant radio station,” says Paul.
“…and the team very much deserve the accolades.”
Meantime, Survey 4 was owned by SCA, deemed a programmers’ delight.
“Yes, certainly a delight! For Hit we went up in every market or held, we grew in cume overall and we are the number 1 network for people 18-39. Great result for the whole team, all of which I’m incredibly proud of,” says Gemma Fordham.
In Sydney 2DayFM finally enjoyed some solid gains.
Jase Allen and the 2Day team are so passionate and hardworking and they really dug deep to turn that result around from the last book. The breakfast show is sensational, the amount of feedback we get about it is really incredible. We have great plans for the rest of the year and I look forward to seeing further success for 2day as the year progresses,” says Gemma.
And while Sydney was a great result, the best was in Adelaide with Hit 107 on 10.1%.
“My reaction was “f**k yes!” says Gemma. We’ve worked really hard at the product the last two months to get it right and I have to give full credit to Ryan Tothill who has been tireless in getting it where we want it. “
For ARN in Sydney, WSFM went up by a solid +0.9 to land on an 8.6 share overall, while Kyle and Jackie O remained the number one FM breakfast show.
“This is an excellent result for ARN today,” says Duncan Campbell.
“This is really is how it played out last year, smooth had a very good start to the year and WSFM didn’t and now it’s starting to pick up.
“The gap closed last year and the gap has closed this year and I think that’s what we will see now until the end of the year.”
In Brisbane, ARN’s 97.3FM gained a huge +1.2 with breakfast also up to hold a 12.8 share.
“We knew the chemistry was there, pretty much from day one with Bianca, Terry and Bob and it’s evolved into a show that Brisbane likes.”
Back in Sydney and some strong results for Nova, securing number one in Drive.
“We are delighted with the huge results for Nova 96.9 today,” says Paul. “…Kate, Tim & Marty taking out the number one spot in Drive and the station recording the highest cume in the market again.”
Triple M also enjoyed solid gains in Sydney while in Melbourne Triple M grabbed (+0.3) giving SCA 4 out 4 stations on the rise in Australia’s two biggest markets. 
And that wraps up Survey 4 you can read all the spin and analysis on

Survey 5 drops on August 29th.

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