SMPTE Sydney exhibition draws near

The SMPTE Sydney conference, which showcases the latest trends in radio and broadcasting equipment, is drawing ever closer.
The exhibition will run between the 14th – 17th July and includes talks from local and international industry leaders.
SMPTE Governor for Asia and the Australian Region John Maizels told radioinfo, “In 2013 we continued our policy of bringing Radio into focus with SMPTE conference delegates, and ensuring that there was a strong Radio component on the floor of the exhibition. But I think we can do even better. In 2015 there are so many game changing topics to discuss; the further emergence of free and fee streaming services, shift from analogue to digital hardware, whether the CD is dying or is it going to be replaced by a resurgance of vinyl, and what is the best way to deliver to the listener.”

Registration is available here and the full conference timetable can be found here.