On social media, be as passionate as your audience #RDE18

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“In the social media space you are competing against everybody. What you create has to be as good or better, otherwise you can damage your brand.”
Steve Ackerman, a social media specialist from the Somethin’ Else  Agency in the UK, told RadioDays that the best brands maintain a strong relationship with their audiences on social media. A two way relationship.
He shares tips and tricks for getting the most attention for your social media posts during his session.
1. Make graphics that create energy with colour and movement. “Put a bit of sparkle around it to win the battle by grabbing peoples attention.”

2. Think like a brand.
Not everything you do on air needs to be reflected on social. Rather than lots of things, think about using a campaign approach. Put effort into big events that happen across the station. Think of consistent images and ‘online assets’ that will give it a consistent campaign feel, not just a set of random unconnected pieces of content.

3. Sweat the assets. You are sitting on huge amounts of content. Other brands are paying lots of money to create content, they don’t have the advantage of radio, which already has lots of content. But are you using it to further your brand? Example – posters that show album covers of songs that you have added to the playlist.
The best asset you have is your audio. When you get good audio interview grabs, don’t just make a promo for on air, also use that audio, plus visualisations and put it on your social channels.

4. What do I hear, how does that look?
Pictures, animation and printed words are all needed in your visualisations on social media. Text is important to grab visual attention while people are scrolling through their feed, before they turn on the sound.
Close you eyes, listen to a segment, visualise how it looks, turn that into a graphic.

5. Social is entertainment too.
Be entertaining in your promos. For example, visualise a fun messenger/whatsapp conversation between two of your announcers, teasing to an upcoming segment.

6. Turn fans into listeners 

Encourage your fans to tell others to listen (eg. footy match broadcast times)
What can we give to our fans that will feed their passion (quizzes, graphics, competitions, etc) then drag them back to the station because the station shares your passion?
What can we give to our fans that they can share with their friends and in so doing, promote the station?
Your biggest weapon is the people who already listen, give them things that they can share with their friends to spread the message about who we are and what we are doing on air.
On social media, “be as passionate as the audience,” he concluded.


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