The software is more profitable, the radio more fun: Raoul Wedel #SMPTE15

AVC Australia has linked with a range of international partners to provide what it calls ‘360 degree solutions’ for the radio industry, from desks, to playout systems, ad scheduling and other software.
One of those partners, Dutch radio station owner and software developer Raoul Wedel, was at this week’s SMPTE15 Conference.
Wedel owns the Fresh FM network in the Netherlands, and also owns a radio software company called WedelSoft. He told radioinfo that when he began as an engineer in radio there was no appropriate software for him to use, so he invented his own.
“I started in a pirate radio station in Holland, and at that time all of the scheduling software was American and it was not appropriate for what we wanted to do, so we developed our own.
“I got the radio bug and about 15 years ago I bought my first radio station licence. Most recently I have bought 6 more stations, and now the network is ten stations.
“At the same time as owning the stations, I expanded the software company, and now we provide a Media Sales Software Suite that is being used worldwide.”
Features of the software include:
•    Direct integration of CRM and Traffic & Billing
•    Salespeople with real-time knowledge of campaigns, contracts, billing information and avails, in the office or on the road
•    Multiple solutions for scheduling and billing
•    Integrated proposal management and automatic forwarding of proposals to Traffic
•    Links to Audience companies assist production of optimised schedules
•    Multi language options
•    Easy to use interface with personalised ‘look and feel’ options
Asked which of his enterprises he likes best, Wedel told radioinfo: “The software side is more profitable… the radio stations are much more fun.”

Wedel Software is supplied in Australia by AVC. Contacts: New Zealand  0800 282 477, Australia 1800 631 728, [email protected]

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