Something in the air causing strange things on air

In meteorology, an inversion is a deviation from the normal change of an atmospheric property with altitude. It almost always refers to a “temperature inversion”, i.e. an increase in temperature with height, or to the layer (“inversion layer”) within which such an increase occurs.

Apparently, it doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does, FM radio is all over the place because of the unusual atmospherics.

Today 91.9 STAR FM Bendigo was breaking over the 91.9 SEA FM signal on the Sunshine Coast for a few moments with a few comments from listeners. 

The reason is apparently a Temperature Inversion affecting the atmospherics and FM signals in Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia as well.
Sunshine Coast Content Director Rod Brice says, “I love SCA’s Luke Toohey to death but when I hear his OB this morning on 93.5 3BO FM as clear as a bell on my car radio  it’s pushing a friendship!
“The engineers tell me it will be short lived.”

This phenomenon seems to be very widespread today. See below for updates.

SCA’s National Radio Engineering Manager Steve Adler also experienced the same event today on some of his stations, telling radioinfo:

We experienced Victorian and South Australian FM stations being heard Queensland.  Brisbane stations being heard in Tasmania and the RIVER 104.9 in Albury being head in Auckland!  There was a fleeting glimpse of a New Caledonian FM station being heard in Queensland too.

Since running this story, it seems the same phenomenon is happening in other parts of Australia as well, according to these replies on facebook.

Brisbane’s 96five Family Radio got a call this morning from a guy in Ballarat Victoria complaining they were interfering with his local station?

Reminds me when I got 91.9 Sea FM Sunshine Coast in Canberra.

I had New Zealand romping in here at Coffs Harbour this morning.

Yeah I got Bendigo crystal clear. Smooth melbourne 91.5 was coming in patches too but not as clear.

And HiT107, Freah & MIX102.3 in Toowoomba – Still on now!

Fraser Coast clear as… in the Adelaide Hills

Sent star fm in tassie, which i picked up in warwick qld, an email but they didn’t believe me. All quiet now

Before television started continuous transmission, it was a regular feature of early summer. Used to see Adelaide’s Channel 7 regularly at this time of year.

We are on the trail of a detailed technical explanation of the phenomenon and will bring you a follow up report on it later today.

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