Innovative solutions for text and social media from PhoneBox

Many stations use Phonebox for managing talkback, but the company is not standing still in its quest to help radio stations connect with their audiences.

Phonebox is continuing to innovate, with new developments of its talkback interface software.

Dan McQuillin from Broadcast Bonics was in Melbourne recently at the Community Broadcasting Conference, and while there caught up with radioinfo’s Steve Ahern to explain the latest things PhoneBox can do.

The software now enables sharable radio and is able to pull in content from other sources when broadcasters discuss topics on air.

“We want to give broadcasters bigger ears to hear what their audience is saying, not just a bigger mouth…” says McQuillin. “Fans and listeners can now share the content that they love.”

Broadcasters should use social media as a way of building a like-minded community that understands and shares their stories, according to McQuillin.

Reading the Radio: Another innovation of the latest PhoneBox software is its ability to convert speech to text and allow broadcasters to edit from a text window.

See the speech-to-text functions demonstrated here.

McQuillan demonstrates the social media functions of PhoneBox to Steve Ahern.



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