Sonny Walters gets a mental head butt from Heidi Xavier & Ryan

This morning, Hit92.9’s Heidi, Xavier & Ryan decided to prank Fremantle’s Sonny Walters and they got him good, setting up a pre-recorded interview and making Sonny believe it was live to air.
The stitch up started as soon as Sonny arrived with the Producers telling him Heidi and Xavier had been arguing all morning and when Heidi came in hot accusing Sonny of being a bad role model to his daughters after he was reported during Fremantle’s last game for headbutting Melbourne defender Jay Lockhart, Xavier responded, “Oh here we go…”
Heidi continued her attack with “You’ve got three beautiful daughters… going out and head butting people and getting off…”
“Leave him alone,” Xavier interrupted her, “You’re just being a f****** b**** mate.
The look on Sonny’s face when Xavier swore was priceless.




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