Spin Cycle: GfK Radio 360 Survey 5 2023

The Spin from the PR and Marketing departments is in for GfK Radio 360 Survey 5, 2023.

This will be regularly updated.

Melbourne has a new #1 FM Breakfast show: Melbourne’s 101.9 The Fox – Fifi, Fev & Nick!

Today’s GfK Radio Ratings Survey 5 sees the Breakfast show of Fifi Box, Brendan ‘Fev’ Fevola and Nick Cody claim top of the charts against fellow FM stations at a 9.4% share.

101.9 The Fox, retains the #1 overall Breakfast cumulative audience, since Survey 8 2022.

Fifi, Fev and Nick said: 

“We are beyond excited at today’s result! There is nothing we love more than putting on a show every morning for Melbourne. Our show is for the city we love and we’re so thrilled Melbourne is connecting and listening to us every morning.

“From getting out into the best spots of our city with Brekky in the Burbs, breakingGUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, taking our listeners to the strip in Las Vegas, the slopes of Mount Buller or giving away life changing prizes and experiences, we do it all for them. Thank you, Melbourne for making us your number one Breakfast show!!”


NOVA Entertainment CEO Peter Charlton said:

“The industry is experiencing record audience figures as listeners’ love for audio continues to grow across broadcast, streaming and podcasting. I’m delighted that NOVA remains the most listened to metro network with 5.9m listeners, that Smooth FM 91.5 is now the #1 FM station in Melbourne and the growth we have seen across key breakfast shows like Sydney’s Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie and Perth’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun.

NOVA Entertainment continues to be the home to some of Australia’s most loved and listened to audio brands, with consistently strong results across our networks, delivering a compelling commercial offering for clients and engaging content for listeners. Today’s results reflect the commitment and effort from all of our teams across NOVA.”

Group Program Director for Nova Network, Brendan Taylor said:

“In another highly competitive survey, this is a strong result for the Nova Network’s across all of our markets. Nova Perth continued to deliver exceptional numbers, with both the station and Breakfast show again #1, while Nova Brisbane maintained its #1 position and was the most listened to in Breakfast. We’re delighted to see Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie increase their share in Sydney, while Nova’s Drive show – the longest running Drive line-up on Australian radio – yet again delivered another set of extremely strong results nationally.”

National NOVA highlights

  • Nova Network is the most listened to network with 4,154,800 million listeners
  • Nova’s Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel (4-6pm) is the #1 Drive show nationally with 11.8% share and most listened to with 1,576,400 million listeners
  • The Chrissie Swan Show (2pm-4pm) is the equal #2 show in its timeslot with a 10.1% share and most listened to with 1,448,200 million listeners
  • Smallzy’s Surgery is the #1 FM night show with 8.7% share and most listened to overall with 634,000 listeners.

Smooth National highlights 

  • The Smooth FM Network secured 2,540,000 listeners and 6.2% share

Nova 100 Melbourne

  • Nova 100 is the third most listened to radio station with 1,204,000 cume
  • Nova 100’s Ben, Liam & Belle is the second most listened to Breakfast show in Melbourne with 581,000 (up 24,000) cume
  • Nova’s Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel is the #1 FM Drive show with a 10.6% share and second most listened to with 450,800 cume
  • Nova 100’s Ben, Liam & Belle’s Instagram video views were up 11% during survey period

Smooth FM 91.5 Melbourne

  • Smooth FM 91.5 is the #1 FM station in Melbourne with a 9.9% share
  • Smooth FM 91.5 More Music Breakfast Show is #2 FM with a 8.9% share
  • Smooth FM 91.5 is equal #2 FM in Mornings with a 9.5% share
  • Smooth FM 91.5 is #1 FM in Evenings with 9.2% share and Weekends with 10.3% share
  • Smooth FM 91.5 is most listened to in Evenings FM station with 231,000 listeners

Nova 96.9 Sydney 

  • Nova 96.9 is the third most listened to radio station in Sydney with 1,223,000 cume
  • Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie increased its Breakfast share by +0.6 to 6.9% and is the third most listened to Breakfast show with 573,000 cume
  • Nova’s Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel is the third most listened to Drive show (4pm to 6pm) with 373,600 cume
  • Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie saw steady increase in engagement on social media, with impressions up 29% and video views up 23.5%
  • Nova’s Chrissie Swan Show is the second most listened to Afternoons show (2pm to 4pm) with 359,100 cume

Smooth FM 95.3 Sydney

  • Smooth FM 95.3 is the most listened to station in Sydney with 1,352,000 listeners
  • Smooth FM 95.3 is #2 FM with a 9.9% share
  • Smooth FM 95.3 More Music Breakfast Show is #3 FM with a 7.8% share and second most listened to in Breakfast with 589,000 (up 19,000) cume
  • Smooth FM 95.3 is #1 FM in Mornings with a 11.6% share, in Evenings with 11.0% share and on Weekends with 10.3% share
  • Smooth FM 95.3 is # 1 overall in afternoons with a 10.9% share and is most listened to with 535,000 cume
  • Smooth FM 95.3 is most listened to on Weekends with 825,000 cume

Nova 106.9 Brisbane 

  • Nova 106.9 is the #1 radio station with a 11.6% share, and most listened to with 684,000 cume.
  • Nova 106.9’s Ash, Luttsy & Susie O’Neill is the most listened to Breakfast show with 361,000 cume and #2 overall with 12.1% share.
  • Nova’s Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel is the #1 Drive show with 13.7% share and most listened to with 302,100 cume.
  • Nova 106.9’s Ash, Luttsy & Susie O’Neill saw incredible growth in social media engagement during survey period. Impressions were up 70%, engagement increased 95.9% and video views were up 104%.

Smooth FM Brisbane

  • Smooth FM Brisbane More Music Breakfast Show with Nick Michaels is the most listened to DAB+ Breakfast show with 26,000 listeners.
  • Smooth FM Brisbane is the (equal) second most listened to DAB+ drive show with 19,000 listeners.

Nova 919 Adelaide

  • Nova 919 is the #3 radio station with a 10.8% share (up +0.3) and second most listened to with 354,000 cume.
  • Nova 919’s Jodie & Haysey is Adelaide’s the most listened to Breakfast show (7am-9am) with 170,000 cume
  • Nova 919’s Ricki Lee, Tim & Joel is Adelaide’s #1 Drive Show (4-6pm) with 14.0% share and 147,100 listeners
  • Nova 919 is Adelaide’s #1 Station Under 50 with 16.8% share and 285,000 listeners

Smooth FM Adelaide

  • Smooth FM Adelaide is the most listened to DAB+ radio station with 39,000 listeners
  • Smooth FM Adelaide More Music Breakfast Show with Kelly Golding is most listened to DAB+ breakfast show with 13,000 listeners.
  • Smooth FM Adelaide Drive is (equal) second listened to with 14,000 listeners
  • Smooth FM Adelaide Evenings is the most listened to DAB+ evenings show with 10,000 listeners.


  • FIVEaa is the #1 AM radio station with a 9.2% share (up +0.2).
  • FIVEaa’s David & Will is the #1 AM Breakfast show and #2 overall with a 11.5% share.
  • FIVEaa’sRowey & Bicks is the #1 AM Drive show with a 9.6% share (up +1.5)

Smooth FM Perth

  • Smooth FM Perth is the most listened to DAB+ radio station with 86,000 listeners
  • Smooth FM Perth More Music Breakfast Show with Karen Prater is the most listened to DAB+ breakfast show with 33,000 cume
  • Smooth FM Perth has most listened to DAB+ Drive show with 34,000 cume

  • 2GB and 3AW outright No.1 stations and No.1 in Breakfast and Mornings
  • Streaming growth across the network
  • 9Podcasts posts highest listenership on record in July

Nine Radio’s 2GB and 3AW have once again retained their positions as the outright No.1 station in Sydney and Melbourne respectively, as well as No.1 in the all important Breakfast and Morning shifts.

Today’s GfK Survey 5 saw Melbourne’s 3AW recorded its highest ever Survey 5 cume and grew overall share to 16.7 (up 2.1), with Breakfast duo Ross and Russ recording a stunning 23 (up 3.2), and Neil Mitchell continuing his ratings streak with 20 (up 3.0).

Sydney’s 2GB recorded a 11.8 share, with Ben Fordham Live posting 14.6 in Breakfast, and The Ray Hadley Morning Show recording 12.8 – the 151st consecutive survey win for the legendary broadcaster.

Overall, Nine’s talk stations recorded a 2.5% increase in cume on Survey 4, cementing its reputation as the unrivalled destination of news, sport and opinion.

Nine Radio’s Head of Content, Greg Byrnes, said:

“It’s another strong result for our live and local content with clear number one stations in Sydney and Melbourne and audience gains across the network.

The 3AW result is extraordinary given the team has managed to create a new high in audience numbers. It’s also pleasing to see some stability returning after lineup changes in Brisbane and Perth.”


Nine Radio continues to prove the future of live audio streaming is talk, as the clear No.1 with cumulative audience up 2.2% across the network on Survey 4.

Melbourne’s 3AW recorded an incredible streaming commercial share of 29.8 (up 7.1), while Ross and Russ posted a dominant 41.6 in Breakfast (up 8.2).

In Sydney, 2GB recorded a 24.6 streaming commercial share (up 4.1), with Ben Fordham posting 33.3 (up.9.2).

Byrnes said:

“With another increase in listeners, Radio 360 has again shown the talk audience has embraced our live and local content via connected devices. We’re the clear leader in the streaming market. Digital audio sounds great, is easy to access and ensures our audience is always up to date with the latest news, sport and opinion.”

Further results from Gfk Survey 5 in Sydney:

  • Afternoons with Deborah Knight recorded a share of 6.7 (Mon-Fri 12-3pm).
  • Drive with Chris O’Keefe recorded a share of 8.0 (Mon-Fri 3-6pm).
  • Money News with Scott Haywood is No.1 with a share of 11.4 (Mon-Thurs 7-8pm).
  • Nights with John Stanley remains the clear No.1 with a share of 26.6 (Mon-Thurs 8pm-12am).
  • Weekends with Michael McLaren is No.1 across both Saturday and Sunday, with an overall share of 13.0 (Sat-Sun 9am-1pm).
  • The Continuous Call Team (CCT) is the clear No.1 in NRL coverage.

2GB Content Manager, Luke Davis, said:

“We’re thrilled that Sydney has once again declared 2GB as their No.1 radio station and go-to destination for live and local news, sport, opinion and entertainment! The entire team works tirelessly to serve our city’s listeners, so it’s gratifying to see an increasing audience choosing to tune in and stream 2GB as part of their daily routine.”



ABC Radio grows audience in GfK Survey 5

ABC Radio grew its audience by more than 74,000 (all audience figures based on GfK 5 Cap Cities, 24hrs, Sun to Sat) to take its total reach in the five capital cities to just under five million people per week.

Audiences for the ABC’s Local Radio network, its four national networks of RN, triple j, ABC News Radio and ABC Classic, plus its DAB+ stations, was 4.94 million for GfK’s Survey 5.

ABC’s five metropolitan stations grew their audiences by 51,424 to a total 1.88million with a rise in share for all cities except Adelaide.

triple j had share increases in all cities, except Melbourne, with a total reach of just under two million.

ABC Classic also rose this survey, up 6,715 for a total weekly reach of 763,229.

RN’s performance was stable, with slight rises in share in Sydney and Perth coupled with strong growth for the network’s on-demand content, up by more than 10,000 to 483,000 streams weekly and podcasts growing by more than 157,000 downloads to 2.28 million for this survey period compared to Survey 4.

The ABC’s DAB+ only stations also performed strongly, up 47,000 streams on Survey 4, to a total of 1.14 million, led by ABC Sport off the back of its popular coverage of The Ashes and the Matildas’ matches.

Head of Audio, Ben Latimer, said:

“Today’s result continues to highlight that audiences value ABC Radio with almost five million listeners tuning in each week.

Four out of five of our Local Radio stations added audience share today – taking our total Capital City Network reach up to 1.88 million. Clearly, we have more to do, but the teams and I are working hard to build on today’s solid result.”



The smooth team celebrating ratings success. From Facebook.

That’s four in a row: B105’s Stav, Abby and Matt #1 again in Breakfast for the 4th straight survey

The brekkie team lead the country’s tightest breakfast radio market on 12.5 points.

B105 Content Director, Jack Ball, was thrilled with the results.

“There are many reasons to celebrate at B105, and today’s wins just amplify B105’s extraordinary results in last week’s Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRA) nominations. B105 saw five finalists announced, the most in the Brisbane market. So, it’s been a great few days,” he said.

The past few weeks have been all about the famous Brisbane Royal Show, or EKKA, which proves the real connection B105 has with the city by celebrating what’s happening locally. We bring Brisbane to life whether it’s cattle judging at the EKKA, The Brisbane Festival and Riverfire this weekend, celebrating the Matildas, the Lions and the Broncos.

Radio has a competitive and exciting landscape in Brisbane and given how challenging the market is – 1.2 points between all four FM stations – our entire brekkie show and station is grateful to our audience who choose to start their day with us.

Expect a big B105 finish to the year, with the upcoming announcement of Fridayz Live this Thursday, and by any luck, the Lions, the Broncos and B105 all on top again when next results are out in October.”

105.1 Triple M Melbourne highlights:

  • Highest station cumulative audience for the year
  • Increase in share % for every shift
  • 886,000 people tune in to 105.1 Triple M Melbourne each week (increase 20,000 people)

Breakfast: The Marty Sheargold Show

  • 0.5% increase in Breakfast share (1.3% increase across Survey 4 and Survey 5)
  • 323,000 people tune in to The Marty Sheargold Show each week (increase 23,000 people)

Drive: The Rush Hour with JB & Billy

  • 269,000 people tune in to The Rush Hour with JB & Billy each week (increase 11,000 people)
  • #1 share for Males 25-54 (1.5% increase)

Triple M AFL Melbourne

  • #1 share for people 25-54 with 9.6% (0.3% increase)
  • #1 reach for people 25-54, reaching 201,000 each week (increase of 24,000)