Sport 927’s crowing about court case

In our last episode of the ongoing battle between plucky little Sport 927 and the mighty international research conglomerate, Nielsen Media Research, Noel Crowe, Sport 927’s GM, was looking forward to his day in court. That was postponed to give Nielsen’s the opportunity to fly out legal counsel from its US head office.

The US attorney and three other lawyers represented the contingent for Nielsen’s at a Melbourne court last Friday. According to Crowe: “Offers were made that were unacceptable.”

Insiders say Crowe is suing for well over $2 million and might drag Commercial Radio Australia into the matter. Unless Nielsen’s can tempt Crowe with a close offer in the interim, the case will go to the High Court in April.

Crowe has told radioinfo: “I’m more bloody determined than ever to have my day in court. I’ve always felt extremely confident of winning. Never more so than now.”

Peter Cornelius of Nielsen Media Research continues to make no comment.