Stevie Jacobs finishes with 2UE as Ace Radio shuffles the deck on three stations

Stevie Jacobs has presented his last breakfast program on 2UE, announcing on Instagram that he has finished up with the station.



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A recent deal between Nine Radio and the Ace Radio Network that will see the latter operate 2UE and two other stations, has meant a lineup shuffle.

ACE Radio is family-owned by Rowly and Judy Paterson, and will officially expand its reach tonight at 7pm.

Along with 2UE, Brisbane’s 4BH 1116 and Magic 1278 in Melbourne will join ACE Radio’s existing metro asset 3MP 1377 in Melbourne.

ACE CEO Mark Taylor is excited by the prospect of offering Australia’s 55+ listening audience something new across the East Coast of Australia, and says “Australia’s Boomers are a force, economically, culturally and more than ever, technologically. These people know what they want and what they don’t. They make up the majority of spending and investing in this country so to us, that’s an audience worth investing in.”

Pictured above, the ACE lineup that includes Jon & Julie for Breakfast, Trevor Sinclair and Livinia Nixon

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