Stolzy and Abby break Scatterbrain drought after 7 hours on air and 143 days without a winner

Last Friday June 7, on 94.9 Power FM‘s breakfast show with Glenn “Stolzy” Stolzenhein and Abby Hopkins the pair played Power FM’s Scatterbrain competition where listeners get a letter of the alphabet, 10 questions to answer that must start with their letter and 30 seconds to answer them all correctly in. Stolzy and Abby have just celebrated a year on air together, and this competition had not had a winner since January 16, so they called their content director, live, and asked if they could stay on air and keep playing Scatterbrain until someone got all the questions right and won $5000.

As a result Stolzy and Abby played 32 games back to back, for seven hours, before Trish from North Nowra called and broke the Scatterbrain drought.

Abby said:

“The phones were in absolute meltdown with everyone from the Shoalhaven and Highlands wanting to give it a go, our regular players and a stack of first timers. It was awesome to hear the locals who lost pass on their good luck to others.

Scatterbrain is our biggest most stressful time each morning as we put the cash on the line, so to do it 32 times over 7 hours is so incredible, and we are just so happy to be able to award locals with cash in these trying times.”

When asked what she’d do with the money, Trish (pictured centre with Abby right) said

“I am going to help my little sister out who is struggling at the moment. She puts her kids first and leaves nothing for herself.”

 Local radio and community engagement done right.

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