Story touches hearts on the Sunshine Coast

This morning on the Hot 91.1 Hot Breakfast with Dave, Sam & Ash, they were touched by a story of a single mum whose misfortune saw her risk her own life to save her 17-month-old baby.
Last week, the tail end of Cyclone Debbie ripped through the Sunshine Coast leaving one single mum without a car.

Penny Richards-Scott was putting her 17-month-old baby into her car seat when a tree fell down on top of her Hyundai Excel, trapping her baby. Penny risked her own life to pull her baby out of the wreckage and she was rushed to hospital with minor injuries as a result.
Cricks Nambour and Noosa came to the rescue live on air with a Kia Rio for Penny and her baby. 
“We are fortunate enough to help as it’s a tragic story for Penny and her daughter and we are grateful for the opportunity to help out.” – Dan Hunt, Cricks Nambour and Noosa.


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