Stream Guys talk about in and out marketing and audience pruning: #NABShow

Stream Guys have become experts at providing a geofencing product for their customers, and radioinfo’s Wayne Stamm caught up with Eduardo Martinez to talk about some new inovations they are now providing.

Eduardo says, “Now we can do full content regionalisation and tokenisation for blocking. This kind of provides us, you know, the example, the ability to do more advanced workflows to where we were able to geo limit a specific stream within a certain radius of a specific sports stadium, for example.”

Stream Guys are now also able to provide in and out marketing and he says this gives stations “…the ability to target within a specific region, that could be a geographical target market for a station or a DMA here in the States, you can basically have the ability to provide different regions of your audience ship individualised content.

“So, you know, if you have localised news in California, you can have that be very specific to the markets within the state and then have different alternative content to broadcasters on the East Coast, for example.”

And then there in Audience Pruning he explains it this way, “The way that we visualize that is, you know, you allow broadcasters to kind of maintain that audienceship within the regions that they kind of care about.

“So if you’re mostly in the US and North America, you can basically tailor that experience to that while enabling you to not pay royalties in other countries by providing blocked access to those regions so that you don’t have to pay, you know, high CMA fees for a region that you’re not really servicing directly.”