Susie O’Neill surprises a junior super swimming fan

A little Brisbane swimmer had her dreams come true when her idol showed up at her swim school yesterday.
Super cute 6-year-old Ira told her parents that it was legendary swimmer Susie O’Neill who had inspired her to become a swimmer and even made up a song about Susie that featured the lyrics
“Susie won a gold medal and she worked hard for it because she wanted to be a champion.
Susie never ‘gived’ up and we should never ‘gived’ up if we want to be a champion.” 
Ira’s family captured her fangirling on film and sent the video to Nova 106.9 where Susie co-hosts the Brisbane breakfast show daily with Ash, Kip & Luttsy
Susie saw the video and contacted Ira’s parents to organise an opportunity to meet the young swimmer. 

Since retiring almost 20 years ago Susie has consistently been a mentor for up and coming athletes and says, “I love seeing young people become inspired by sport and trying their hardest, which is why I am happy to share my experiences if it encourages kids to make sport part of their lives. 
“Swimming requires huge physical and mental discipline and being in a squad provides a great social experience too, so I would always encourage kids who are interested in the sport and in challenging themselves to follow their dreams.”
Susie made the surprise visit to Ira’s swim school Hollands Swim School yesterday where the cute little swimmer was rendered speechless when her idol appeared by the pool. 
Susie shared some of her training tips with the 6-year-old while letting her wear one of her Gold Medals. 
Susie said she enjoyed the experience as much as Ira as who wouldn’t love being appreciated for their achievements. “I’m not going to lie. It’s always good for the ego when someone appreciates your efforts but I always get a reality check when I get home.
“My kids will happily roll their eyes while declaring, yeah Mum, we get it….you used to be good at swimming – now what’s for dinner?”




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