The Sweetest Plum podcast live in Melbourne this Sunday

Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell are bringing their podcast, The Sweetest Plum, for a live broadcast this Sunday April 15 at 5:45pm at the European Bier Café, Exhibition Street in the City.

The pair told radioinfo back in 2010, ‘with podcasts you get a much longer, much funnier conversation because there’s no arseholes  interrupting with a bloody traffic report about a minor bingle on the East Gippsland highway.’
Nick said ‘We booked this ages ago and actually forgot the gig was on. Then we recorded a podcast to promote it and Dec accidentally deleted the episode.

‘Then just yesterday, our usual musical accompanist, Steven Gates told us he couldn’t make it. So the universe is clearly telling us we probably shouldn’t do this gig, but we’re gonna do it anyway.’
Nick and Declan also provided a helpful list of a few things they might do at the gig:

  • Nervously talk for about 75 minutes.
  • Impersonate random people from their childhood and give them all the same Italian accent. 
  • Say something vaguely defamatory about Grant Denyer/Ash Williams/Terry Wallace that will need to be edited out afterwards.
  • A Live version of Hit the Bricks (a segment from about 8 years ago that they’re shamelessly bringing back because we can’t think of anything else)

You can get tickets here. Or try on the door on the day.

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