Sydney market radio station social media analysis

Social media engagement is now one of a radio station’s most important tools for building and interacting with its audience.

So, with stations into the final week of survey 1, how are they doing with social media engagement? We will be looking at the main local surveyed stations in the five surveyed capital cities over the next few days.

This report examines Sydney.

See Melbourne analysis here.

The top 5 facebook social media pages for Sydney radio stations since the survey began on January 22, until today are:

  1. Triple M
  2. KIIS
  3. 2Day
  4. Smooth
  5. Nova

Although they have the most fans, those top stations do not always have the most engagement (shares, likes and comments).

Little old Magic 2CH, with only 2300 fans, has the most engagement on facebook, scoring 9 on the FanPageKarma index, which looks at engagement as a factor of number of fans.

WSFM had the second most engaged fan base, followed by 2Day, ABC Sydney then SkyRacingRadio, during the survery period to date.

You can play with the data in the active chart below to see the number of fans and total engagement.

Click on the column names to view by number of fans and engagement (ignore the page index PPI score, it is not very meaningful for engagement).
Click on individual station names to see more detailed stats for each station (sign in with your facebook account to see a wealth of detail such as top posts, etc).

Powered by FanPageKarma

The static chart below shows similar information in bubble graph form, where you can see if stations with a high number of fans (large bubbles) are engaging those fans effectively enough. Large bubbles on the right of the chart show strong engagement of large audiences, large bubbles on the left show low engagement despite large numbers of fans, as a factor of the number of items posted in the survey period (to date).

Facebook is the gorilla in the room. Most Australians (15 million) have a facebook account. Other important social media platforms are Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, with 5 million or fewer users (Social Media News Oct 2016), which is why we have looked primarily at facebook. Most stations also repost photos from Instagram and Tumblr on their facebook pages, and cross post with Twitter.

For more details, we also looked at the top two stations’ Twitter usage, and found that 2Day and KIIS had similar profiles using Keyhole tracker.

2Day posted more photos, while KIIS had more composite posts, which included a mixture of photos, videos and text. Very little audio was posted on either account.

The analysis above shows engagement with the station’s own posts only, but when we track station retweets of other people’s posts as well as station’s own posts, engagement increases hugely. The chart below shows KIIS as an example. When compared with the chart above (47 engagements with KIIS only posts), the engagement with own posts PLUS reposts is about 100 times higher.

Note: Where stations have more than one facebook page, we have selected what appears to be the main station page, or the page linked from the station’s website, or the page with the most fans (whichever is the most popular).

Some lessons for your station from the above analysis:

* Don’t just rely on having a large fan base of followers… work them.
* Retweet, share, reply and like your fans’ responses to your own posts to increase engagement
* Repost other popular posts
* If you don’t have a facebook page then you are missing out on engaging with your audience

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