Sydney’s $100,000 secret sound goes off

After 12 weeks, 14 clues and over 400 guesses, Katie from Harrington has won $100,000 after she correctly identified Sydney’s Secret Sound.

The 34-year-old Mother of two was sitting by the radio with her husband, trying not to wake the kids, when Fitzy & Wippa confirmed that ‘hitting two pool noodles together’ was the winning answer and awarded her the $100,000 prize.

Wippa said, “Go and wake them up, tell them they’re going on a holiday, you’ve got a hundred thousand dollars!”

Katie, who has been playing along with the competition since the start, said she originally thought the sound was a binder opening on a folder. She had the lightbulb moment yesterday when she heard the clue ‘it takes two’ and realised she knew exactly what the sound was.

Katie said, “I realised I’ve been listening to that noise for the last two months, we made light sabers out of pool noodles for my son’s seventh birthday party so I’ve been listening to people hitting pool noodles continuously.”

Katie and her husband Patrick, who are still trying to digest the life- changing news, said they plan to spend the money on a family holiday and pay off some of the mortgage.

In the last year Nova 96.9 has given away $400,000 with Sydney’s Secret Sound. 

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