Take a look into the future in KL, August 2019

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

I’m in Malaysia, planning for Radiodays Asia – a new radio conference for Asia, to be held at the end of August in Kuala Lumpur.

Radiodays Asia might sound familiar, if you’ve been to Radiodays Europe – as well it might. But radio across Asia has a lot of different challenges and opportunities; and has hitherto been served by formal conferences as part of a bigger event. Radiodays Asia is a place where radio can stand on its own two feet and shine – and I’m certainly looking forward to it.

It was interesting to visit BFM, the business radio station here. The last time I visited, it was a busy place, and I was interviewed in a typical radio studio about the future of radio.

This time, I discovered it had moved – now in a gleaming new office block, the new digs retain the vibrancy and atmosphere of the old studios, but much time had been spent making the station feel modern, bright, airy, and many more studios. Natural wood and lighting is all around, and the station hummed with activity as producers and presenters worked on their output.




After a meeting about Radiodays Asia, I was interviewed – along with Radiodays Asia’s Rosie Smith – for a radio show on the station. But this time, I wasn’t in one of their beautiful new studios, overlooking the city: Rosie and I were perched on stools, in front of a green screen. Our microphones were decent quality RØDE lapel mikes, and we were being filmed with two cameras in 4K.

The station has very much grasped the opportunities that multiplatform radio has to offer. It is a deserved leader in the world of podcasting in KL, but also produces much video content, and understands that the best way to reach audiences is to go to them, wherever they are, rather than attempt to control where their content is.

Asia is a world of contrasts, and I’m very much looking forward to Radiodays Asia. You should consider coming – Malaysia is a land of smiles and happiness, and is also quite wonderfully cheap.

There’s lots to learn – from speakers from North America and Europe, sure, but also many speakers from across Asia – and, naturally, a fair amount of podcast activity, too.

And most importantly: I’ve found an excellent craft beer place, just two minutes’ walk from the hotel.


About The Author

James Cridland, the radio futurologist, is a conference speaker, writer and consultant. He runs the media information website media.info and helps organise the yearly Next Radio conference. He also publishes podnews.net, a daily briefing on podcasting and on-demand, and writes a weekly international radio trends newsletter, at james.crid.land.

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