Technorama welcomes young people and women to TR18

Technorama has some funding available for those outside of the ‘traditional technologist older-male demographic’. 


A statement from Technorama said: ‘In any photo collection taken at a gathering of technologists, you’d be hard pressed to find participants who aren’t male and over forty. This is not peculiar to Community Broadcasting; it’s true of the broadcasting and tech industries globally. 

‘We want to change what our photos look like! We know there are both well established and budding technologists out there, who want to come to TR18 and aren’t male and over 40, and we want to meet you and work with you.

The Technorama Committee recognises that more can be done to encourage technologists, and would-be technologists, from outside the traditional cohort to engage and train in technology fields.

Shifting the demographic, and creation of both opportunity and a welcoming space within the technologist community are all important parts of Technorama’s diversity policy.

The Represent! Bursary Project is an initiative of Technorama in conjunction with the CBF, aimed at changing changing the traditional Older-Male-Technologist demographic of people who attend Technorama events or who get involved at stations to support station technology.

Specifically, Technorama wants to:

  • attract attention and attendance at Technorama events by people who are outside the traditional demographic
  • provide specific encouragement for young people to engage with technology
  • provide specific encouragement for women (or people who identify as women) to engage with technology
  • recognise existing commitment to technology in community broadcasting, by people who might be too young or not well known enough to attract direct financial support from their station.  This would allow attendance at TR18 by people who might otherwise not be funded to attend.
  • kickstart awareness of Technorama’s outreach projects

Applications close Sunday 26 March.

Head here for full details. 

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