Tim Webster’s heartfelt tribute to Bob Rogers

Last week, at age 93, the world’s longest serving radio announcer hung up his headphones.

His army of dedicated listeners made sure he went off not with a whimper but a bang.
2CH Breakfast and Morning host, Tim Webster had this to say about the great man:
I’ve just listened to a staggering number of 2CH Input Line calls from our listeners saying goodbye and paying tribute to Bob Rogers before, during and after his final Show. 
So, for the younger broadcasters let me offer this…
While commercial radio is a business and needs to turn a profit and keep owners and shareholders happy, it is the ultimate people business. I received an email from an old TV boss of mine during the week to say thanks for keeping him company while he checks his emails late at night in London! 
I remember being home from school and hearing the voice of Bob Rogers echoing through the house. Mum loved him! She would often talk to the radio if Bob said something interesting or funny. And that was often.
“Thanks for keeping me company.” If your listeners say that to you, that’s the essence of the radio I know and love.
You will make friends you’ll never meet but if you’ve made them smile, dance, happy – even if you’ve made them cry because you played a favourite old song – well, that’s radio. It’s the ultimate one-on-one communication – you and your microphone and the person listening to their radio. 
There could be thousands listening in different places, cities and even countries these days. But the communication is one to one! Personal. 
Bob Rogers was a master at it.
Retire well and happy, Legend, knowing that you were the benchmark communicator of the industry that we are all privileged to be part of… Radio!



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