Titans CEO accounts for big week on The Grill Team

Graham Annesley, CEO of the Gold Coast Titans appeared on Triple M Brisbane’s The Grill Team this morning to discuss the recent controversies surrounding the club.

The trio asked him about the signing of Daly Cherry-Evans as well as the fallout from Titians players currently on drug charges. 

“It was great last week to get the final confirmation that DCE was going to be with us in 2016 and that was a bright spot in what has otherwise been a pretty difficult couple of weeks” said Annesley.

They then delved into the problem with the limbo in the NRL transfer system. 

“It’s a really interesting one, in my time in the game which now spans 15 years or so we’ve tried all different systems to come over this problem, there used to be a 30th of June rule, there has been proposal that there is a transfer window at the end of the season where the players can sign, I don’t think the players are in favour that because they need time to organise their lives so it’s really difficult finding the happy medium that everyone is prepared to live with”

Listen to the whole chat below. 


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