Tommy Little celebrates 30th birthday in a shark tank

Tommy Little celebrated a milestone yesterday, his 30th birthday, with a shark dive at the Melbourne Aquarium.

This Thursday he’ll cast doubt on reaching his 31st by swimming with the Great Whites near Port Lincoln in SA.
Tommy’s birthday surprises started the moment he entered the Nova 100 studios at 6am. A huge fan of fancy dress, Meshel and the breakfast team dressed up in costumes especially for the occasion with Meshel as Darth Vader, EP Nick Daly as a crocodile, and they specially picked out a “red hot” chilli costume for Tommy.
A number of special guests dropped in to join the team including comedian Nazeem, dressed as a hot dog, who brought in a hot lasagne. Two male strippers brought in a layered carrot cake and  two female strippers dropped off Meshel’s present, a shark diving birthday voucher. 
Straight after the show Tommy headed to the Melbourne Aquarium for his first shark dive. In his excitement to dive with the sharks, he only thought about the fact that he is not a great swimmer after entering the tank. The video is hilarious. 

This morning Tommy said, “At one point I just gave up. It was not scary at all, it was actually relaxing but I kind of gave up on my basic motor skills. I don’t know how to say this but I’d forgotten how to move. At one stage I was falling over and I actually just said to myself, just stop moving Bradley will fix it. I just gave up, I really learnt what I’d be like in a crisis. You know he pulled me up to the surface.”
This morning Meshel revealed that the next stage of his birthday present would be a dive with real sharks in Port Lincoln rather than the showbiz ones in the aquarium. Meshel said, “I just feel that diving with a showbiz shark is like Merv Hughes reckoning he is facing the elements right now in Africa. It’s showbiz elements. We want real ones, real sharks.”
Tommy said, “I’m upset that Nova are so quick to volunteer me for a life threatening activity, I’m clearly not as valuable as I thought I was.”
The team are heading to Port Lincoln after the show tomorrow with the dive taking place on Thursday. Meshel & Tommy will broadcast live from Port Lincoln on Thursday and Friday.


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