Top three new brands and spot placements on radio

‘Quality Schools’ was the most played New Brand of the year so far with 5,882 spots played across 50 stations.

Their spots were most likely to be played in the middle of an ad break during the afternoon or breakfast. Talking Lifestyle 954 aired the most ads for Quality Schools, with 377 spots during this time.

‘Gameday Mouthguards’ were the second most played New Brand with 2,253 spots aired over only five stations.

Triple M Sydney aired the largest portion of these spots with 588 ads between 1 January – 20 March 2018. These spots ran across the Metro Triple M Network as well as Mix94.5.

The third most played New Brand of the year so far was ‘McDonald’s Three for $3’ with 2,133 spots played across 28 stations. Nova100 aired more spots than any other station for this brand, airing 198 ads. 

(Based on commercial and song airplay data from radio and television stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Central Coast, Newcastle & Geelong.)

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