triple j goes bush

This week, triple j heads to the bush to find stories outside of life’s urban centres. 

After receiving a textline suggestion, triple j breakfast’s Ben Harvey headed back to the dairy farm in Gippsland where he resided for five years, and brought co-host Liam Stapleton along. After being given fair warning about what to expect, a few challenges were set for Liam. If these weren’t complete, he would have to take a dip in the shit pit – the literal pit where cattle manure is collected. 

Liam vomited within 20 minutes and, needless to say, failed the various challenges, which included artificially inseminating a cow with bull semen. He said of his time in the dairy, ‘This is a thing of my nightmares.’ 

A substantially more appetising challenge was to find the region’s best sausage roll. Ben and Liam sampled baked goods in Trafalgar, Moe, Yarragon (given a 9 out of 10 in front of the bakery’s proprietor, which was promptly downgraded to a 6 afterwards), and Drouin, and declared the sausage roll at De Bruin’s Bakery in Longwarry the winner. 

See the videos here. (Beware, the first comes with a gag warning.)