triple j host opens up on RU OK? day

triple j breakfast hosts Ben and Liam have marked RU OK? Day by talking about some of the hurtful experiences they’ve encountered as hosts of the youth network’s breakfast show.

Liam Stapleton opened a segment of the show by talking about some of the texts he receives whilst on the job, describing them as  the “…fresh can of hate you’ve got to open up every day” .

“When people send things in, when people put things online, there’s no repercussions of people’s words – or at least they feel that way. I think there’s almost like a magic filter, but you know, we see it.  I can honestly say I’ve had nights where I’ve cry myself to sleep because of stuff like that”.​

Stapleton says he reached a low point one night when walking home from a gig and was confronted by a group of Triple J fans:

 “(they) told me how hopeless they thought I was and how we would never be Matt and Alex. I’ve never felt lower than that point. I just felt absolutely pathetic. I didn’t retaliate, there was nothing I could say. For a while there, I got a bit scared to go out cause I didn’t want people to judge me, I didn’t know what people would say to me. I kinda got scared, and it takes a lot to keep your chin up from that stuff.

He says RU OK day is a unique opportunity to let others know they’re not alone

“In the spirit of R U OK Day, make sure you ask someone today, whether it’s someone that you’re really close to or someone that you’re not close to, ask the question all the same, because it really does give someone a voice who might need a voice.”

Listen to the conversation here:

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