Triple M and ZOOFM neck and neck in Dubbo: Xtra Insights

In the first Xtra Insights survey of the Dubbo region in nearly two years ZOOFM is ahead for all audiences 10+ and in breakfast, just. 0.1 separated the fairly new breakfast team of Jodi and Matho on Triple M (21.4) from Keegan Brown (pictured and 21.5) at ZOO.

For all audiences 10+ Zoo FM did drop 1.3 percentage points to lead with 20.9, but will be happy with a 5.3 increase in their 18-39 demographic. SCA‘s Triple M was up 0.5 to 20.6 to be right behind. The Super Radio Network‘s other Dubbo station 2DU was third and steady overall with 14.0 but down 2.1 to 13.1 in breakfast. 2DU were leaders in both in the July 2020 survey. Triple J was fourth with losses and ABC Western Plains up and fifth, but at 4.8 for all audiences a long way behind the front runners.

The General Manager of Western Broadcasters Paul Batchelor said:

“ZOO Fm No 1 again, reigning supreme in the 10 to 39 years market and 2DU No 1 in the 65+ market which means that well over one third of the Dubbo listening audience chooses the Super Radio Network daily.

2DU and ZOO have a great team on and off the air from Annette and Edwina in the office, Corbin (Prod). Dallas and Ian in sales and Bret (2DU), Keegan (ZOO) and Michael (News) this result is due to their tireless professional attitude in making great radio daily, Keeping Dubbo and surrounds up to date.

On behalf of Mr Caralis and all at the Super Network. Well Done ZOO FM and 2DU.”

SCA Head of Regional Content Blair Woodcock said:

“Congratulations to the Triple M Dubbo team today, who had a great survey result and claimed the key #1 P25-54 spot!

Our team’s incredible content clearly resonates with locals as we’ve seen a 10% cume growth to achieve our largest cume of 24,300!

The good news starts with Matho & Jodi, our brand new, fiercely local Breakfast show, which has claimed the #1 M10+ position. This hard-working team has seen huge rewards for their efforts over the past year, and the show is going from strength to strength every day.

I’m proud of our hard-working team in the Central West. Congratulations on this solid result, Triple M Dubbo!”

Cumulative audiences grew across the board with again very little between ZOO and Triple M.

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