Triple M seals own doom by hiring The Chaser on Friday 13th

Triple M has admitted to making the worst decision in the history of Australian radio besides all of those made by Kyle Sandilands, as it announced the return of The Chaser team in 2018.

The mix-up occurred when Triple M Head Mike Fitzpatrick tripped over his shoelaces, broke a mirror, landed on a black cat, and then accidentally signed his name on a binding contract.
After a 12-week stint earlier this year, The Chaser’s Andrew Hansen, Charles Firth and Dom Knight will return weekdays from on 3-4pm Triple M Sydney. Radio Chaser will also regularly feature Chas Licciardello, Craig Reucassel and Chris Taylor.
A Radio Chaser best-of show will air on weekends across the Triple M network in the unlikely event that there’s any ‘best’ to include.
“We’re so pleased to be coming back to Triple M,” Andrew Hansen said. “It was absolutely our first choice after Nova, KIIS, Smooth, 2WS, the SBS Arabic station and the Townsville tourist information transmitter all turned us down.”
“I was hoping for a shorter shift than 3 – 4pm,” Knight admitted. “But our boss Jamie Angel reckons we can repeat our material in the second half-hour, so we think we’ll be okay.”
“It’s been so nostalgic working together again,” Firth said. “I’d forgotten how much we hate each other.”
The announcement represents a homecoming for the team, as SCA’s chief content officer Guy Dobson hired The Chaser team for their first media gig on Triple M Sydney back in 2001. “And looking back, it’s amazing how far they haven’t come,” he said.
SCA CEO Grant Blackley said that he was excited about all the acclaimed comedians the company had hired for 2018. “Mick, Jane, Hughesy, and Wil Anderson – we’ve got the absolute best,” he said. “And due to a regrettable error, we also hired a few others who’ve done a bit of TV for the ABC.”

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