Triple M’s No Talk Day and Courageous Talk Roundtable

On Monday July 3 from 6am to 6pm on Triple Ms across the country, there’ll be no talk, no news, no traffic reports for the station’s fifth annual No Talk Day, with support from Beyond Blue.

Triple M creates this space to encourage listeners and friends to have a courageous conversation around men’s mental health and suicide. From 6 till 7pm this week in the lead up to No Talk Day, announcers will be replaced by messages encouraging listeners to check-in on their mental health and focus on the importance of building mental fitness.

Also released is a long-form mental health discussion called The Courageous Talk Roundtable.  Special guests Chelsea Frawley, mental health advocate and daughter of AFL great Danny “Spud” Frawley who was battling depression when he died, First Nations performer Mitch Tambo, clinical psychologist and anxiety specialist Dr Jodie Lowinger, and SCA transgender employee Andrea Cole who has worked at Triple M for more than 35 years, who talk frankly about their own experiences with mental health, sharing advice on how to best start the conversation with others.


Shaun Gough, Triple M Melbourne Content Manager and founding No Talk Day advocate, said:

“Triple M’s No Talk Day is when we ask listeners across the country to ‘check-in’ on their own mental health or someone they care about and think about having a potentially life-saving conversation if that’s what’s needed; to tell someone their story, or genuinely ask a mate how they’re travelling. These are conversations that matter, they can save lives.”

Triple M’s No Talk Day, across all 45 FM stations, is on Monday July 3 and via the LiSTNR app.

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