Triton Digital’s new CEO talks to radioinfo: #NABShow

Triton Digital announced the elevation of John Rosso, Triton Digital’s President of Market Development, to President and Chief Executive Officer, in March this year.

He succeeded Neal Schore, the company’s founder and former Chief Executive Officer, moved into the role of a Managing Advisor to Triton Digital.

At the time Rosso said, “I am extremely proud of Triton Digital’s achievements and market-leading innovations and accomplishments, and I’m looking forward to guiding the company as we continue to fuel the growth of the global online audio industry.

 “Neal has always insisted that Triton Digital provide unparalleled service, unrivaled expertise and a commitment to excellence, and I look forward to building on that legacy, further expanding Triton Digital and contributing even more to the industry as we move into the next stage of growth.”

Rosso had served as President of Market Development since 2012, where he was responsible for overseeing business development, sales, and marketing operations.

Wayne Stamm from radioinfo was able to spend a little time with John at the 2022 NAB Show and asked about Triton’s relationship with CRA and the Australian Podcast Ranker.

Rosso says, “Well, our relationship with Commercial Radio Australia is very strong. They are extraordinary leaders and we have enjoyed working with them, especially on the podcast measurement initiative in Australia.

 “We really respect Joan Warner’s leadership in that space, I mean she just really took an extraordinary role in organising the whole marketplace around a unified measurement, so we are all very grateful for the work she has done and we look forward to working with Ford Ennals.

 “There are a lot of new things that we are cooking up with CRA down the road, and we’ve found they are a great group to work with.”

 On the expansion of Podcast Ranker, he says, “We launched that product about three years ago and we’ve been quite steadily adding publishers around the world, and adding new reports around the world. Since Australia we’ve launched here in the United States, there is a regional Latin American report, one in the Netherlands and now we have Canada teed up next, with the first report from there due out any day now.

 “Generally over that past couple of years Triton has grown pretty significantly in regard to its global client base, but the part of our business that has grown most meaningfully is really to programmatic advertising business which, in terms of revenue through put, has doubled in each of the last two years, and is probably on track to double again this year.”

 On the resumption of conferences like the 2022 NAB Show, John says, “I am so thrilled to see conferences back on again. Live conferences are one of our main marketing outreach channels, and I don’t mean just here in the United States, I mean around the world. We are big participants in industry conferences, and it’s been really unfortunate that they have been shut down for the past couple of years.

 “It’s great to be back in the live conference business again. We’re here at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, but I just came from, a couple of weeks ago, Podcast Evolutions in Las Angeles, which was a really terrific gathering for us and really well attended by a lot of people in the podcasting business there.

We are looking forward to Radiodays Europe that is coming up in a couple of weeks in Sweden and the London Podcast show which is coming up in May as well. We’ve got a pretty full slate for the next six or nine months or so, but we have a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of people that we haven’t been able to see face to face for a long time that we will finally be able to see in person.”