TT FM changes

As part of the changes happening at ARN Melbourne Livinia Nixon has been made redundant from her position as co-host on TT-FM’s drive program. On the day Nixon was axed The Melbourne Age Green Guide featured story on her in the ‘Green Guide Grill’. Some of the quotes in the story include: “Why do you do it? Because every day’s different, but it’s always fun… Are you what you wanted to be when you grew up? Yeh, I’m happy.”

Also made redundant from TT-FM are night presenter Andy Grace, Steve Hart from weekends and music director Kyleigh Menico. Late night presenter Allie McDougall will take over the evening shift from Grace and other shifts will be reworked to cover the extra hours.

Like MIX in Sydney, TT-FM is reformatting to emphasise more music and less talk. “We took out the yak to put the music back…more music less talk…101.1 T-FM.”