Unleash your inner nerd: Tips for an award winning entry #ACRAs2018

As radioinfo has done for many years, we once again asked people for their thoughts on winning their awards as they walked off stage at the ACRAs.
Amidst the thank yous and congratulations there were a few interesting tips on what it takes for an award winning entry. The winners were happy to share those tips with our reporter Steve Ahern.
Matthew Fulton won the award for Best Achievement in Production (Provincial)
His tips for good production are to “get to know your PD, they will be your partner” because great production has to fit with the whole station sound.
Matt also said: “Be a nerd, unleash your geek. See lots of  movies, tv shows… absorb popular culture. If you hear a song that clicks or a funny line, use it in your production.”


The SCA Marketing team for the Regional Triple M Network won the award for Give Me 5 For Kids.
What makes an award wining campaign?
“Creativity and talkability, something that really resonates with the listeners.”

Talk Production
Rea Gilley and Melissa Redman, producers for Brian Carlton’s Best Talk Show (Provincial) said:
“Talk production takes a lot of hard work, long hours, running around chasing people and teamwork.” They said that production teams have to work together and very closely with their presenter.”

Neil Mitchell, who has won about 20 ACRAs, still acknowledges the importance of the awards. He told radioinfo this year:
“Radio has enormous power if you take the audience with you and give them a voice.”
Commenting on the Wentworth By-Election result, he said he thinks audiences will be starting to re-engage in politics. “In Victoria people had lost interest in politics, perhaps that will change now.”

Jeanette Loring from 7BU Burnie won Best Sales Promotion (Country)

The lucky $5 note wasn’t a new promotion but Jeanette thought it would work well in the closed Dairy community of regional Tasmania. It did, and has been stimulating business in the community, especially at a time when Dairy farmers have been doing it tough.
The station has run the promo for three years and it has been “great for the retailers” and a very exciting promotion.


Ace Network breakfast presenter Jon Vertigan said daily comedy is a hard thing to produce.
“It’s hard to know what will connect with the audience, you just have to work hard putting out comedy ideas each day and hoping they hit the mark. In this case the race call for the Teenagers Maiden Handicap seemed to touch parents that raise teenagers and it’s had the desired effect.”

Listen to all the winners speeches here.

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