Vale Kevin Sadlier

Long-time radio writer and friend of the business Kevin Sadlier passed away over the weekend.

Former Talk host and now 7News director, Jason Morrison has penned this tribute:

Very sad to hear of the death of Kevin Sadlier, long-time radio and TV writer in The Sydney Morning Herald and the Sundays.

Kevin was a lovely bloke who always found a way to be respectful of the talents of the people on the air, as opposed to many today who see themselves as just their critics.

For many years he was a friendly, gentle voice on 2GB doing TV, theatre, and film reviews – and a good source of advice for ambitious young talk show hosts.

He once described me in the paper as “at times a little too strident” – then sent me a private fax to explain what he really meant : “pull it back a bit … you are starting to sound like an arsehole .. this is a warning shot”!

I listened.

Kevin knew the industry and cared about the people in it.

He called the ratings system an ‘unrepresentative lottery that rewarded B-grade talent with an A-grade lead-in’.

He loathed the phrase “shock jock” to describe talk show hosts and never used it. He believed it just exposed the writer’s jealousy of the people on the air.
Kevin was encyclopaedic when it came to Sydney showbiz history and seemed to know everyone and something unique that you’d never heard about each of them.

His columns were a must read for anyone with an interest in the business and I don’t think there’s been anyone like him since they ended.

A friend of the radio business, a generous and decent man who was good at what he did.

A rare four out of four.



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