Vale Max Davis

Max Davis joined Golden Days Radio on 1st February 1993, beginning as a panel operator and even trained other panel operators in the studios.
He then did an audition as a presenter, going on air in 1995 and eventually becoming the stations second longest serving presenter of nearly 24 years.
At the Golden Days Luncheon on 17th June 2015, Max was awarded a service award for 20 years’ service.
President of Golden Days Radio, Larry A. James says “Max told me one day that he did a radio training course with Clark Sinclair many years ago which gave him a good ground for his radio knowledge.
“Max would arrive around 3pm on a Saturday afternoon after probably finishing some courier work beforehand and he would prepare his program which included lots of information about the artists he would be playing. He was keen to add just a little bit more to the recordings that he was playing so that his audience would be informed as well as entertained.
“He stayed in the Saturday night position from 5 until 8pm for all this time and rarely took time off for a break. Max was extremely dedicated to the station and loved radio in general.
“He was a big fan of radioinfo to which he and l subscribed, and he would from time to time send me an email talking about some of the issues in radio in general mainly commercial but sometimes community.
“We’ll miss his presence around the station for quite some time to come.”
Max passed away on 6th December.