Vale Peter Bernados

Television and radio pioneer Peter Bernados has passed away on Australia Day at the age of 85.

Peter was born in Mittagong, NSW and started his career in media started when he became a Panel Operator for 2GB in Sydney. 

Peter was a pioneer in Australian television, and worked hard to being the medium to Australians. He was present at the time they laid the foundation for the Broadcast Tower and he even threw in a coin for good luck. 

One story Peter recounted was the time he and other crew members were getting to know the equipment a few weeks before the first broadcast and other crew members told him they were doing a test broadcast at that time, he placed his thumb in front of the lens (albeit all out of focus) and was proud he felt that his thumb may have been the first human thing on Australian TV, even if people weren’t watching at the time.

Although only being an idea formed after Peter’s retirement, he was involved in the first series of Australia’s Most Wanted, a new Reality TV program.

After his TV career, Peter moved back to radio with the launch of the new Station 0/28 or SBS as he spoke Greek. He was noted in the first few Broadcasts and hosted a variety of programs including The Three Sea Wolves Drama and Scoop Current Affairs.

In his later working years he enjoyed the new medium of Corporate Productions working with McDonalds Australia and many others by producing Training and Promotion Videos, amongst other projects including Telemovies like Number 96 The Movie.