A celebration of the life of Richard Fleming will be held at Magnolia Chapel, Macquarie Park Cemetery & Crematorium at 11am on Thursday 3rd August.


Richard Fleming will be remembered as both a brilliant broadcast engineer and a great human being.

Fellow engineer, John Maizels let radioinfo know of Richard’s passing.

“Those of us who worked with Richard Fleming, knew him through the industry, or met him at Technorama 2019 will be saddened to know that Richard died on Friday evening 21 July. Richard had gone several rounds with prostate cancer, and had been in palliative care for some weeks.

“Apart from his major work in commercial radio (notably as Chief Engineer of 2UE in the days of North Sydney and Greenwich), Richard was a strong supporter of the Community Broadcasting sector. He was not only a consummate RF and studio technologist, but also a very innovative creator of clever software and hardware to simplify and cleverise broadcast operations.”

“Richard was a wonderful Guest of Honour at TR19, as he battled prostate cancer. Apart from any other inspiration that we might have taken from Richard, let’s remember that guys should not be squeamish about dealing with men’s health challenges.”

The funeral is on Thursday August 3. The  RSVP form is here, including a link for remote participation on the day.

Jason Morrison wrote this tribute on Facebook where many industry veterans also paid their respects.

“The great broadcast engineer Richard Fleming died on Friday. He’d been very sick for a long time.

“Loved working with Richard. Enjoyed just knowing him. 

“He loved the radio business and the weird and wonderful people in it.

“He was so widely respected by the broadcasters and journalists. 

“Richard was synonymous with 2UE and its dominance in the 80s & 90s but in his private business that followed, he probably rebuilt, maintained, consulted for, or tweaked the transmitter of every station in Sydney at some stage – and plenty of others in the bush.

“Australian Radio (and TV) is blessed with great personalities in Engineering. 

“Richard Fleming was certainly one of them.

“I never knew his family, but they should know that many of us considered him a legend in the radio game.”

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