Vale Roger Cardwell

Regarded as one of Australia’s finest and most versatile talents, Roger Cardwell passed away on Saturday at the age of 85.
A much-loved presenter, actor, reporter and musician, Roger not only worked on Adelaide stations 5KA, 5DN, 5AA and 5AD, but fronted the news on all of Adelaide’s commercial televisions stations as well as being in demand for commercial voice work.
He hosted Nine’s national Country and Western Hour and Channel 7’s Country Style, gaining induction into the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame in 1996 as a pioneer of country music.

Cardwell is also known for his roles in Robbery Under Arms (1985), The Survivor (1981) and Siam Sunset (1999).
Married 5 times, two of Roger’s children, Abbie and Jeb Cardwell are talented and successful musicians.

Ex-wife,  and former Channel Nine weather presenter, Sue Cardwell, said on Facebook, “We were all blessed to be here in time to say goodbye and to laugh and cry together as we shared our memories as a family.
“We sang and hummed together in harmony in his final hours.”

Roger had moved into a nursing home 5 years ago due to ill health, survived two heart attacks and just two months ago was diagnosed with blood and lung cancer.

His son from his first marriage, Simon, also took to Facebook writing, “This morning my father passed. He was surrounded by his children. It was a privilege to be with him when he left. He will be missed and always be loved.”




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