Vanilla Ices the final rap battle of 2019

In a rap battle to remember, self-proclaimed ‘Kings of Rap’ Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa took on certified rap legend Vanilla Ice for the final Rap Up of The Week of 2019. 
‘Rap Up of the Week’ has become a favourite segment among Nova listeners and has garnered over 10 million views across Fitzy & Wippa’s social channels.
With a giant V ice sculpture, Wippa donning a giant “Vanilla Slice” costume and Fitzy dressed as Vanilla Ice in the Ice Ice Baby film clip, the stage was set for the battle.
Rapping to the beat of Ice’s hit song ‘Ice Ice Baby’, Fitzy & Wippa didn’t hold back, firing lines like “Will he [Vanilla Ice] ever rap again? Hell no, that died off with the ninja turtle show!” and “I just went to, a whole website for just ONE song?!”.
Fitzy continued the rap over a medley of ‘one hit wonder’ artists in the 90’s!
Then, Vanilla Ice flexed his rap muscles firing back with ultimate ice-cold one-liners like “Fitzy looks old, there’s no debating, To know your real age we need to do carbon dating” and “Wippa’s so old he drinks Campari & Soda, Body-hair of a Wookie and the skin of Yoda, You spend your time doing free plugs on air, But the best plugs you do are in your hair!!!”, hitting the Nova hosts where it hurts.

Sarah McGilvray had to pick a winner for the Ultimate Rap Battle, but couldn’t decide – she left it with the Amazon Alexa device to decide, with the final winner crowned…Vanilla Ice




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